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We rotate our specials on a regular basis, so keep checking back to see our latest selection. We are also able to recreate some of your favourite previous specials, just ask to see if we have the ingredients to do so. To return to the menu page, click here.

Our soup of the day. Served with warmed focaccia.

Zuppa del giorno


Bocconcini di pizza


Pizza Salumi


Doughballs filled with pecorino cheese and prosciutto, served with spicy tomato tapenade.

Topped with tomato, mozzarella, cured meats (salami, ventricina, sopressa & coppa),

parmesan shavings, fresh basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil.

Caramello e Nocciola


Biscuit cup filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel and hazelnuts.